Solidarity advocacy as the positive impact of our work

We believe the excellence of our work, together with the experience developed in the area of Corporate Law – the basis for economic and social development of our country – can help us build a better country. Therefore, we have developed pro bono projects that aim to support others, both individually and collectively, as well as foment the critical thought of our staff on the main social and environmental issues that affect Brazil.

Social and environmental responsibility as a daily motto

WK Social is a collective movement of our staff that has the effectiveness of UN Sustainable Development Goals as one of its pillars. We aim to make our part to achieve Agenda 2030 through concrete actions, both internally and externally, in the short, medium and long terms, having solidarity and sustainability as our main aim. With our legal expertise, we hope to contribute to the solution of educational problems, focused on childhood and youth, as well as the ones concerning social inequality, racial and gender equality and identified environmental impacts.

Advocacy and Conscientious Capitalism

We believe in advocacy as a means to improve and create effective public policies. Therefore, we structure collective projects aiming the effectiveness of social rights in large scale, especially by means of actions developed in a network to achieve better results. Thus, we have become members of the Conscientious Capitalism Institute, through which we seek to discuss more ethical and correct methods for professional performance with other organizations, in terms of our society and the government, as well as the environment. Therefore, WK Social promotes internal debates to stimulate critical thought, political and social discussions, even if by means of support to similar institutions, about methods for implementation of constitutional rights, with main focus on: environment, health, healthy nutrition, education and childhood and youth.