Our commitment

12 de April de 2022

Generating positive social and environmental impacts is one of the missions of WK. For that purpose, we constantly work to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Through our Pro Bono and Social and Environmental Responsibility area, we guarantee access to justice to the less favoured and vulnerable populations by means of solidary law practice, spreading our projects in the individual and collective areas. We have a team exclusively focused on social cases that come to the firm, under the standards required by OAB/SP, and coordinating all other activities with the rest of our legal staff, which can work on the cases upon the formation of specialized theme practice groups and whose work is guided by the Pro Bono Declaration for the Americas. When starting and developing this area, we have formally committed to offering 5% of our time to guarantee the rights of fragile populations, hoping to contribute to the formation of a more just and egalitarian society and to help achieve the United Nations' SDG 16.

Besides, we also conduct volunteer work in the civil society, with the aim of raising awareness of legal and citizenship issues, in order to encourage social engagement.

There is also a donation commitment, through which the partners of WK Advogados have undertaken to destine at least 0.5% of the monthly profits to charity, in addition to matching donations made by the staff (WK 1+1).

Through these undertakings, we believe we will be able to positively transform our society, starting with the projects we follow closely and that impact the lives of a great number of people, mostly children and teenagers.

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