Dispute Prevention

1 de March de 2019

WK believes that preventive action brings significant benefits to clients, once it can drastically reduce the involvement in court disputes, allowing financial and time savings, in addition to enabling focus on the business and not in dispute resolution. Therefore, our professionals are dedicated to:
  • Identifying risky situations and defining and executing strategies to mitigate impacts and losses, to clients and third parties;
  • Providing advice in dispute settlement, in order to guarantee that rights and interests of the clients are preserved;
  • Direct work in the negotiation of alternatives in dispute resolution;
  • Working in mediation as a fast and healthy dispute resolution system involving either individuals or legal entities. The team at WZ works as a mediator and/or supports the clients in the choice of one or more mediators and/or mediation institutions, attendance in the scheduled meetings for this purpose and elaboration of documents to consolidate the agreement reached.