Purpose, mission and commitments

Purpose: courage to demonstrate it is possible to provide the best service and to be better for the world

We are a high-performance firm, involved in the resolution of significant and important disputes, both nationally and internationally. However, we have a peculiar way of work: we understand we can provide high quality, best services, generating value to our clients without neglecting our internal atmosphere, our staff, the environment, our suppliers, and all our stakeholders.

Therefore, providing the best service does not suffice: We also want to be better FOR the world.

And for that, we have adopted a series of measures to positively impact society and the environment through our activities, and such measures constitute a public commitment assumed by WK Advogados.

We believe in the power and relevance of companies in transforming a more just, equitable and sustainable society.

Mission and commitments: Our law firm is focused on the resolution of complex disputes, including arbitration, court disputes, mediation and judicial reorganizations. Our aim is to solve disputes efficiently and ethically, becoming true partners to our clients.

In addition to the target of providing excellent high-performance services, it is our goal to become increasingly better FOR the world, through the adoption of a series of measures that seek to positively impact society and the environment.

As a result, we constantly work with the aim of achieving United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These practices, which are public commitments assumed by WK Advogados are:

1) Donation of a percentage of the firm’s profits, annually defined, for social causes, defined by the Social Projects Committee of WK Advogados.

2) Maintaining an area working exclusively in pro bono cases for socially vulnerable individuals, according to the criteria of the call available in our website;

3) Involvement of all the legal staff of the firm in pro-bono cases;

4) Conduction of volunteer work with the aim of raising awareness about laws, regulations and citizenship;

5) Sustainable environmental practices, such as reduction of use of electricity, proper waste management, significant reduction of plastic waste in the premises of the firm, practices to reduce water consumption, annual measurement of carbon emissions of WK Advogados and the staff, as well as the offsetting of said emissions and use of recyclable paper in our activities;

6) Constant revision and audit of the supply chain, in order to prioritize the use of services provided by more vulnerable groups;

7) Transparency in the management of the firm, disclosing information on revenue and expenses with staff;

8) Staff diversity, with mostly female leadership and seeking to increase racial equality in our team.